It is the obligation of the Leadership of your Union to keep the membership informed of facts and activities that could affect our Union.
The Union has been advised that the Company has begun the process as negotiated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement under "Seniority Movement at times of Excess."
Please remember that you are entitled to representation during any meeting in which a company representative is present.
The Leadership of the Union will assist affected members in accessing any available community services to those affected. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Immediate Floor Representative for assistance.  We will also be available at the Union Hall to answer questions.

Lanyards for Sale
Cloth lanyards are for sale.  Price is $6.00 each. 
Lanyards can be purchased at the Union Hall.

Volunteers are needed to serve on the following Standing Committees.  Call the Union Hall at 918-835-9523 to volunteer.

Constitution and Bylaws
Union Label
Conservation and Recreation
Community Service
Civil Rights
Citizenship and Legislative
Consumer's Affairs
Attendance and Excuse
Publication Staff

2010 12-14 Benefits at a Glance Final
2010 12-14 Exhibit C Final
2010 12-14 UAW Contract Final
2010 Negotiations Final Changes 12-15-10