2017 UAW Union Built Vehicle Guide
How To Buy Union Made Tires


UPDATED 06/14/2019

Alexander, Rodger
Azevedo, Robert
Basquez, Nicholas
Blahnik, Edward-- Retired
Brown, Amanda
Brown, Jeffrey
Brownfield, Cory
Bowen, Chris
Burns, Kevin
Butts, Michael
Calaway, Robin
Carver, Sarah
Coates, Jacob
Crosby, Eddie
Dawson, Daniel
Dell, Charlie
Dilli, Brian
Dominquez, Julio--Retired
Donley, Justin
Downey, Beth
Erbe, Justin
Eaton, Eddie
Fairchilds, Jeffrey
Field, Susan---Retired
Florea, William
Ford, Jimmie
Ford, Scott
Gill, Rex
Green, Stacey
Grundy IV, William
Heflin, David
Hofmeyer, David
Horn, Maurico
Huckbay, Richard
Hulse, Donald
Kastler, Charles---Retired
Kuhn, Robert
LeBlanc, Marilyn---Retired
Lewis, Charles J.
Main, Zachary
McCauley, William
Minard, Lorrie
Moss, Michael
Mott, Loraine
Mott Justin
Othman, Mahmoud
Ott, Arben
Owen, Randon
Owens, Randy J.
Phillips, Tommy---Retired
Pryor, Chris
Ragsdale, James---Retired
Reeves, Tommy
Rich, Amannda
Rushing, Clell Jason
Self, Dale
Shipp, Adrian
Sikes, Bradley
Singleton, Craig---Retired
Taft, Frank
Thomas, Kelly
Wells, Dustin
Werling, Kevin
Whalen, Randall
Willimon, Dereck
Wright, James

Worker's Compensation Info

If You Are Injured

If you are injured at work, or your job has aggravated an existing medical problem, take the following three (3) steps at once!

  1. Notify your supervisor and your union representative of any injury.
  2. Request any needed medical treatment.
  3. Contact your attorney to file a Form 3 with the Worker's Compensation Court.


Now more than before, if you fail to notify your employer of a work-related injury, you may lose your claim!  In Oklahoma, all injured employees must provide actual notice to their employer within 30 days of the accident.

Actual notice consists of an acknowledgment by the employer that you are hurt on the job.  In other words, an injured worker must give oral or written notice of the injury in order to get treatment.  Written notice is preferable.

Previously, an injured worker could meet the requirement by receiving "medical attention" from a "licensed physician" within 30 days.  However, this is no longer the case and you must inform your employer of the injury and the employer will provide you with medical treatment.

It is important that you keep a copy of written notice of injuries given to your employer for your records.  In addition, it is now more important than ever to keep copies of all forms that you sign.